Oui Chef – Jamie Bissonnette

Chef Jamie Bissonnette

This Oui Chef is with Jamie Bissonnette, of Toro in Boston.  A while back I got so spend the evening at Toro while Chef Jamie whipped up a family meal for his staff, which you can read about here. Related to that night, you can check out what is cooking at Toro for family most any night at BangBangBroccoli.

You have three plates available, who would you invite to dinner? My wife to pick out the wines/beverages, Will Gilson to keep dinner on track and sane, and Louis DiBiccari he would have shown up anyways..

What three things are always in y0ur fridge at home? Hot Sauce like ten kinds, kimchee some homemade some bought, farm fresh eggs.


The birdie


What is your food guilty pleasure? Breakfast sandwiches. I can’t say no to eggs. Add some hot sauce and its perfect. At party last week one of the passed apps was a mini egg sandwich in english muffins. The size of a quarter. I ate like 25 of them. I was popping them like they were tic tacs.

What do you hate to eat? Salmon. I’ve never really liked it. I think it smells like laundry hanging on a line outside near compost and sewer water with a dirt pool house behind it. Yuk.


Thanks to Chef Jamie and thanks for checking reading.

Remember, Food is Love!



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  1. I’m ashamed to say that I have yet to go to Toro. Dying to go, though. Another wonderful post!


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